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Telenor Youth Forum 2018
Digitalization for Peace

In partnership with the Nobel Peace Center, the Telenor Youth Forum is a global platform that is built upon the idea of “digitalization for peace”. It provides young leaders from around the world with an arena to come together and tackle global, social challenges. The journey begins in Oslo, in December, during the week of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony.

As a selected delegate, you will form teams, with each team dedicated to a social challenge. You will spend your first days together, developing a plan for creating dialogue, engagement and potentially a solution, using digital technology, for how that challenge can be addressed.

The journey continues virtually after leaving Oslo, with teams carrying out their plans from their home countries. You will meet again in Bangkok, where you will continue working with the Nobel Peace Center and begin the process of creating digital exhibitions about your project.

Job Details

You are eligible if you are:

  • Between 20-28 years of age
  • A permanent resident in one of Telenor's markets (see our website for details)
  • Attending or recently completed higher education (university degree or equivalent)
  • Experienced in working for social good, such as volunteering, activism, or other leadership roles
  • Excellent in English, both spoken and written

  • October 6, 2022
  • 5-5-8


We are sorry, but this opportunity is no longer available.
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